Understanding Betting – All the Different Ways to Make a Bet

You can place a wager in four ways: on the Tote at a high-street bookmaker, on the racecourse’s ‘boards’ and ‘rails’, or at a racecourse.

1. Bet at the Rails or Boards

Two areas of bookmakers make up the betting ring at any racecourse: the rails and the boards. The Grandstand section houses the boards, while the rails are found against the rail between Grandstand and Members enclosures. Representatives from most high-street bookmakers, such as Coral and Ladbrokes, will be on the rails.

The betting ring is primarily for single win bets 원화. However, some ring bookmakers will accept all-way bets. Some ring bookmakers will not accept bets below 5 pounds. Once you’ve decided on the horse or dog you believe will win, you can make your selection and then hand over your money. To confirm your wager, you will receive a printed copy of the computerized printout. Wait until the signal to weigh in has been heard before you can claim your winning ticket. In most cases, this will delay payment.

2. Bet on the Tote

Most novice race-goers choose to place their bets on the Tote (short form for Totalisator) because it is easier to place a wager and they are easy to locate and access. They are usually located close to bars and restaurants, so it is not necessary to walk to the betting rings.

There is a major difference between placing a wager in the Betting Ring and the Tote. You know the odds before the race starts when you use a betting site. The Tote uses a pool betting system.

This system allows all money wagered on a specific bet to go into a pool. The Tote takes out its share and the rest of the money goes to the winners. The final dividend will be revealed only after the race’s start. No further bets are allowed.

The Tote offers win and every way bets as well as exotic bets like forecasts and placepots that have higher winning returns. The Tote is less mysterious than the betting ring which makes it easier for novice punters to understand.

Because it is so popular among novice bettors horses with interesting names and connections will get shorter odds than those at the bookmakers.

3. High Street Bookmakers

Although it is popular to imagine a traditional betting shop as a dark, smoky, intimidating place, in reality they are clean, welcoming, and friendly. You can wager on sports, novelty, horses, dogs, and fruit machines.

4. Internet and telephone betting

There has been an explosion in online and telephone betting over the past few years. These two methods allow you to place a bet quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your home.

All the big high-street bookmakers offer internet and telephone betting. There are also a few independent companies that may be interested in your business.

You will need a debit/credit card to pay for both the bets and any winnings.